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The person still matters

We were about 20 feet above the ground yesterday on our way into Denver when the United pilot pulled up the nose of the A320. We ascended westward over the city, and after what seemed like much too long a wait for the explanation, it was announced that a Southwest plane hadn’t quite cleared the runway in front of us.

Within an hour, while grabbing a bite at our favorite B-concourse eatery, the fellow next to me said he was on the same flight, and mentioned he was glad there was a person at the helm rather than flying on auto-pilot. Yeah. Me too.

Travel much (and we love to) and a safe landing is easy to take for granted. After incubating the whole experience overnight, I’m not sure I’ll fall into that mindset quite so quickly on my next journey.

It cemented a lesson I’ve learned (and relearned); technology and its advances can’t replace the need for a person to make smart decisions.

And it goes deeper than that, too: when looking at how one feels about an individual, their skill set rarely overrides genuine personality. A person can learn how to do specific tasks, but few of us can revise our basic nature. The human connection is not just a company’s slogan advertised on TV.

I find this reminder most timely — maybe you do too. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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