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On Mother’s Day

One of my favorite photos with my mom — taken on her last trip to the Tetons at my mother-in-law Rusty’s house. We had gone on a road trip to Yellowstone, just the two of us, and I had hosted an “open house” for her at the bookstore (she’d made so many baby blankets for local folks, I wanted them all to have a chance to meet her in person). It was a special visit.

This morning, even though I hold her in my heart every single day —  I’m missing my mom.

I feel strongly she must be my best “guardian angel,” among what is too big a crowd of loved ones up in heaven; I’m convinced she and my dad (and my aunts and uncles) are enjoying the best-ever bridge marathon up there, and I feel comforted knowing they absolutely must have met (and are sharing a good laugh with) MANY other good friends I’ve lost.

I think about all the ways she helped us growing up, from making prom dresses and cheerleader uniforms to baking cakes for sports teams and listening to me wail about… whatever.

My parents opened the world to us in so many ways — not least, because she loved to travel (I definitely inherited that!) and she would always ALWAYS remember to bring us something special from their trips.

Family was always the number one thing in her life, not just the five of us but EVERYONE related (shirt-tail or not). She understood how important it was for us to have close connections with our cousins. When I married Peter, all of a sudden I had even more family — and she welcomed them with open arms, too.

I wonder when she was disappointed in me — times I didn’t even realize it — and how she dealt with that. I’d like the chance to apologize for putting her through any and all pain.

She got the notion of “letting go” as we grew up (and made our own mistakes).  She was more forgiving than I ever acknowledged, I know.

She was an incredible role model, from her work ethic to her generosity and her sense of “fairness.” I’d like to think I inherited at least some of her best traits: her curiosity, her attitude toward service, her sense of fun. I hope I face every struggle with just a bit of her grace.

Today of all days, I’d just like to say THANKS to her for all her love and care.

There’s so much more I could think of to add, but like an artwork or a craft project (she did so many!), this post is saying “enough and done.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends who are moms — I know so many wonderful ones, too many to name!  I’d also like to express my appreciation to everyone who isn’t a member of that particular club but who are strong, vibrant, and inspirational women in the best sense of what motherhood is all about. Also, I’m sending out special love for those who have issues with their parents, or as parents themselves (with their own kids) — that’s a heavy burden, too.

We all can use a dose of love, on a holiday or not….never a bad thing to remember. In fact, if my mother could say one thing to me, I think it would be something close to that.


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