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Have a happy one, Rusty!

I’m blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law (actually, the whole family of Anderson in-laws is pretty darn terrific) and today she celebrates her birthday! I just wanted to talk a little bit about what it means to have Rusty in my life.

First, she’s courageous. At 83, it’s not easy to still be living independently — but she is, with some help from friends and family. Her vision is poor but her spirit is huge; she’s supportive and artistic, curious yet opinionated, wise but still with a sense of innocence. I appreciate so many of her attributes!

Today she’s going over to Grand Teton National Park with her youngest son David; their goal is to hear the elk bugle and take in the autumn colors (and I’m glad she’ll be escaping the smoke still hanging in Teton Valley from the controlled burn on Mill Creek). These activities, like the love she lavishes on her horses, are typical of her appreciation of nature, the creatures that share our world, and the beauty all around us.

Next week, she and I are going to Florida and Texas to see some more folks in the Anderson family, her niece Ginny and her grand-daughter Christie. I know we’ll have a good time soaking up some good conversation and maybe even some pool-time.

Here’s to you, Rusty! We’ll see you tomorrow to celebrate!!


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