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Lunar Lessons

This morning’s full lunar eclipse was….. amazing, spell-binding, mystical, astounding, spiritual — every adjective you can think of that possibly involves “wonderful,” as in “wonder-full.” Here in beautiful Teton Valley, we were blessed with clear skies to watch it, horizon to horizon.  It was also cold enough to freeze just about anything not covered in several layers (use your imagination here). Of my photos — some 200-plus of them — I may have ONE or two worth posting. But at the moment, it’s not even worth figuring out which ones….

Thinking about roads and space and the cosmic chorus of life. (This may have more meaning for some than others.)

A week ago, Rufus Barkley. an old Up With People friend (well, actually, he was six months YOUNGER than I am) passed away; he had somehow contracted a staph infection and it went to his heart. I saw him this summer for the first time in 38 years. He was kind of a “golden boy,” seemed to have it all — good looks, successful career, a loving family.  Today is his funeral. and I’m thinking of his mother and siblings and children, as well as everyone in my extended UWP family; we spent only a year together but it was a special time…. we’ve lost too many of these loved ones, haven’t we?

And I’m thinking, too, of so many Teton Valley friends lost, too many just this year — and my parents, Peter’s dad, nearly every one of my aunts and uncles, other family.

But I can’t help feeling connected to Rufus and all of them, overwhelmingly so, as I ponder the mysteries and magic of watching the moon disappear under earth’s shadow, and then the feeling of the sun coming up underneath the mountains behind me.

I fell asleep very late, about 1:30 (after picking Peter up at the Idaho Falls airport), contemplating the alignment of the planets that was going on right at that very moment. When I woke up at 5:30, it didn’t feel like I’d been asleep such a short time. I’m so very VERY glad to have fully participated in this natural phenomenon.

The next total lunar eclipse isn’t ’til June 2014. I’m sure by then that other loved ones will join the heavenly host; even as I write this, special people struggle with health issues and all kinds of other problems.

We never know what tomorrow might bring, what waits around the next bend.

For now, for me, I guess it’s enough to live the best life possible, understanding that “we all shine differently,” to appreciate those who are so good to me, to care about my place and time — to make every moonrise a reason to celebrate.


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New Vigor, 31: Biking

“What were some of the highlights of the trip?” asked my friend and mentor Nancy McCullough-McCoy, publisher of Powder Mountain Press. Too many to explore in our short catch-up conversation (or just one post — that’s why I started last month’s series!) But knowing her love of all athletic things that one does outdoors, I did mention to her that we rented bikes in Berlin and Copenhagen and had a great time riding all over those cities.

She suggested I write about it for her husband, Michael McCoy (another  friend and mentor, editor-in-chief at Powder Mountain), who is also a media specialist for Adventure Cycling. Among his many duties for ACA, Mac writes a weekly blog, and sometimes they use “guest posts.”

Well, guess what! It’s circulating today!

Here are a couple of maps of our routes. The blog post has some info about the logistics, just right for Mac’s readership (I hope).

On a more personal note, I just loved that my dear husband had lots of confidence in me and that we saw areas of each place we wouldn’t have otherwise.

This shot of Peter is near the series of lakes that form a circle to the west of the downtown part of Copenhagen. They were originally part of the moat protecting the outside of the original (now gone) city walls; bordered by pedal and pedestrian paths, they were perfect for us! It was COLD but terrific!!!

I think Mac and his biking buddies are onto something……

“Travel, voyage, and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” ~Seneca

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