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Sappy (special) sayings

I’m not writing on my blog much these days, have you noticed? In the last month or so, my postings to FB have become less frequent as well. But when I do post there, I use a quote, photo,or graphic that means something to me at that very moment.

I find them on other people’s pages (and save them), I create them myself, I take a picture of greeting cards I particularly like — whatever.

Some people find them annoyingly cloying — while others, I’ve been told, welcome a little inspiration once in a while and appreciate the thought behind them.

Well, my friends, I don’t think this habit is going to stop anytime soon. It’s part and parcel of who I am; I’ve been saving quotes since I started to read, I think!

It’s also what I like to share — I look at posting on FB (or on this blog, for that matter) as something that I might have said to someone at the bookstore counter, or written in a letter, or laughed over with someone in person otherwise.

So if you like them, great. If you don’t — well, social media is meant to be ignored, as Peter often reminds me.

If you’d like to check out what’s already “in the public view,” my FB album called “Special Sayings” contains upward of 150 different images — from the ridiculous to the sublime.

And here are a few more: I pulled these from an archived collection called “inspiration” on my old laptop — they each strike a chord for me on this, the next-to-the-last day of June, 2014 — and perhaps they will do the same for you.

Until next time!

INspiring_shadows_dancing_couple inspiration_will_smith_tweet_about_everyone_struggling inspiration_whole_box_of_crayons Inspiration_whenever_one_person_stands_up_quote Inspiration_stars_loved_ones_are_happy inspiration_stay_creative inspiration_posters_from_One_Kings_Lane inspiration_positive_thought_shared_8_31-13 inspiration_goodbye_n_Hello Inspiration_hack_away_at_the_unessential inspiration_IAAW_swirly_words Inspiration_from_Kevin_walk_away_or_work_harder_quote inspiration_go_confidently_BnW_road inspiration_go_do inspiration_favorite_thing_go_where_never_been inspiration_everything_you_can_imagine inspiration_everything_will_be_OK inspiration_every_experience_elephant_P_Polacco inspiration_every_day_lake_n_book_Patricia_Polacco Inspiration_enjoy_the_Little_things_Deb_Little inspiration_dr_seuss_youer_than_you_quote


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