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Handling stress

Just found a bookmark, published by the The Bureau for At-Risk Youth, which lists its Top Ten Ways to Handle Stress. It’s such a cute reminder–with some info I think just about everyone needs–that I want to repost it here.
     Trust your judgment.
     Enjoy the beauty of nature.
     Stop worrying.
     Pictures yourself in a relaxed mood.
     Confide in a friend.
     Take a walk.
     Listen to music you like.
     Take a deep breath.
     Develop a plan and act on it.
Pretty good advice, huh!?
Here’s to less stress for everyone–or if we’re stressed, let it be something we *do* try to handle….


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A great big party for Max

About ten days ago, our community gathered to celebrate the life of nine-year-old Max Goodell. I’ve been “processing” this ever since.  Max, the son of Ann and Gordon Goodell, died peacefully in his sleep the Sunday night before. 

It is unfathomable to me how painful it must be to lose a child.  But I still wanted to write about his party, because Max loved parties — I knew this from watching him have fun at a party at Eva and Dan’s from several years back.  Max went out, in style, though — as what a celebration it was!

In true Teton Valley style, folks brought appetizers and/or dessert for the potluck at the Wildwood Room in Victor; also in true Teton Valley style, plenty of leftover goodies remained at the end of the night, particularly since Bill Boney and his Dining In crew served yummy spaghetti (one of Max’s favorites), salad and more. 

More important than the food, however, was the atmosphere — a pile of cards and memories captured in newspaper clippings and photographs, a slideshow of oh-so-poignant pictures of this little boy’s smiling face, and plenty of hugs among friends who don’t see each other often enough. Plus lots of kids, Max’s friends, enjoying a petting zoo and a play area, with John Schulz’s ice truck a particularly busy spot!

Ian gave a Gospel-centered talk, Ann and Gordon spoke, Melissa read Max’s favorite book (Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman)., both adults and schoolmates shared “Max memories,” Jade read a letter from Deirdre in France, Mary, Daria, Janet, Carole and Jason drummed (Max also liked to drum), and the crowd sang “Amazing Grace” with Thomas and Ben…. it was an emotional, love-filled evening.  

These photographs don’t do it justice–neither do my words–but the pictures go farther than I can in capturing something of the mood, magic, and movement of the night. Rest in peace, Max.

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