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Magic Gardens, ho!

In Philadelphia right now with Peter, and today I’m heading to the Magic Gardens to write a post for my friends at CityPASS in Victor.  It should run sometime in June on their blog

The Magic Gardens holds a fond spot in my heart; its mosaic style and free-form use of objects of all shape and color (while communicating meaning!) is, to me, so much like the artwork I create.

Thanks, Ellen Owens (PMG executive director) for sending some wonderful images, including one shot from a bird’s-eye view…. of course, I’m having trouble uploading any of them, just because I’m in a hurry!

Oh well. Even from the ground, the Magic Gardens is an AMAZING place.  (I’ll be sending pix, both mine and theirs, to CityPASS — which gives you another reason to look for the story.)

If you haven’t visited the Magic Gardens before, it’s *definitely* worth checking out!!!


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