March Madness 18: Better (REALLY! So much better!) than a restaurant

We have always liked working together in the kitchen. One of us is chef, tveal_osso_bucohe other helps prep. We consider it “cooking for fun.”

Since Peter arrived home from Philadelphia on Friday, he’s been cooking up a veritable storm of nutritious and colorful gourmet dinners. That night, we ate a fantastic Italian veal osso buco, smothered in saucy vegetables, with mushroom risotto and a fancy arugula salad.

Saturday he created for us marinated salmon filets, wrapped in parchment-paper packets with vegetables. We had squid-ink noodles tossed with broccoli and peppers on the side.

salmon filetsTonight, an elegant beef Wellington graced our plates, with sautéed Brussel sprouts and potato croquettes with yogurt sauce; I made a peppercorn sauce for the melt-in-your-mouth, oh-so-tender meat. beeef wellington

During our three-plus decades together, we’ve cooked in the tiniest of spaces so now especially enjoy our big kitchen and its granite countertops and all the gadgets we’ve assembled over the years.

I’m a great hand at chopping vegetables and just enjoying the show; we also have another ritual — the one who is NOT wielding the knife or spoon reads aloud — extra fun this weekend since we’re planning a trip in just a couple of months.


Peter is planning a series of seven restaurant-type meals, though not all in a row.



What a guy! I’m so lucky: he does nearly all the grocery shopping, not just for special meals but every day.

We’ve enjoyed many memorable nights out, and have hosted our share of dinner parties, but there’s nothing quite like cooking in, just for us….


These three pictures, of the entreés, are from those he’s posted in albums on his Facebook page. If you go there to check ’em out, be sure and comment; I want him to have all the encouragement possible!

Eighteenth in a series of month-long posts:
stay tuned for more March Madness.


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One response to “March Madness 18: Better (REALLY! So much better!) than a restaurant

  1. Jan Breedlove

    I agree with your title, Jeanne… Buddy makes a much better steak than I can find in a restaurant anywhere, and he has absolutely spoiled me with his guacamole. Better than ANY restaurant. I’d much rather eat at home when he’s cooking (which is most of the time since he retired.) Aren’t we two lucky ladies???

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