Tin Cup is less than a week away!

What a busy and fun summer this has been!

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post about what I’m doing right now on the blog at http://www.lifeinthetetons.com but for some reason, technical issues are such that I can’t create an uplink to it (or the other sites referenced.) Oh welln Here’s the site to cut and paste into your browser: http://www.lifeinthetetons.com/Blogs/Life-in-the-Tetons/June-2011/On-your-mark-get-set-go/ That post didn’t roll over to my FaceBook page, either — but I’m hoping this one WILL.

In a nutshell, I’m serving as Event Coordinator for the Fourth Annual Tin Cup Challenge, Teton Valley’s premier race and fundraising event, to be held next Saturday, July 16.

As of this morning, Tin Cup is a few hours less than SIX days away (gasp!)

Our volunteer pool includes nearly 200 people (and more are needed); we’re into daily streetside registration starting tomorrow (in front of Peaked Sports on Little Avenue); and details like porta-potties and recycling bins and garbage cans and manlifts (and many more things) are all set up. I have assorted helpers for things like name tags and “No Parking” signs and nonprofit buck checks and miscellaneous stuff that might not make sense to anyone but is still critically important to the success of the event.

The board of the Community Foundation of Teton Valley (on which I’m privileged to serve) has pulled out all the stops to meet a “match challenge” to raise an additional $50,000 above our last three-year average. If we can meet that goal, our anonymous “Tin” donor will chip in ANOTHER $50K. This may be the year we can hit a million dollars in match funds and donations designated for local charities — not bad for a one-stoplight county in rural Eastern Idaho!

The nonprofit booths that morning are going to be, in a word, AMAZING! Dunk tank, petting zoo, climbing wall, diaper derby, pony grooming, biathlon shooting, hockey, full-on foam trick-pit, and much MUCH more, provided by our 42 participating nonprofits. We’ll have music on the race course, eight aid stations and leashed dogs are welcome!

We have racers coming from Bozeman, Billings and Boise; Park City, Utah and Lubbock, Texas; Edinboro, Pennsylvania, and Phoenix, Arizona — as well as Jackson, Idaho Falls, St. Anthony, Rexburg and from our very own crop of talented athletes.

New this year is a photography site (http://www.tincupchallenge.smugmug.com) — right now last year’s pictures are posted (you can get a good sense of Tin Cup with even a quick glance at the “slide show”) and if you go to the 2011 gallery called “Tinny’s debut” you can check out our recent appearance in Victor’s Fourth of July parade. (Yes, I really do have bright yellow tennis shoes, just like Tinny’s!)

If you’re a local — come “Run! Give! Celebrate!” on Saturday, July 16, Driggs City Park. The action starts with the Marathon at 6:30, with everything else gearing up about 8:30 when the booths open and at 9 a.m. sharp for the 10K and 5K events.

If you don’t live here but want to support this special corner of the sky where Peter and I have made our home for the last 17 years — well, that’s certainly welcome and encouraged also. More details about donating, registering, volunteering, and all things Tin Cup — go to http://www.tincupchallenge.org and/or http://cftetonvalley.org.

See you Saturday! Wear your yellow sneakers if you have some!!!!


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