Giving credit where it is due

Saying THANK YOU is important to me. Always has been, and working with so many volunteers this summer, I’ve relearned the value of these simple two words.
Recently, I realized I haven’t publically said it often enough to one who SHOULD have heard it, and LOUDLY, over the past three decades — my husband, Peter.
Specifically, he deserves my appreciation for something that lasted almost a good half of our marriage together — starting Dark Horse Books, always including me in the business when he was managing it, trusting my abilities in turning it over to me, and ultimately earning enough outside the store so we could keep it open and operating.
We were at a social function recently, and a couple people mentioned to me while chatting how much they enjoyed the bookstore when I ran it and that they were supporting Phyllis, the person I sold it to. SEE THE ISSUE HERE? The store’s wasn’t ever “just mine,” and the pronoun that should clearly be applicable here is WE.
I may have been the one you saw behind the counter, but it was Peter who made it all possible, and I couldn’t have done it without his ongoing support and his courage to even begin the business.
Yes, friends and neighbors, Peter is the originator of the whole idea of Dark Horse, and it never would have happened without his dedication and drive (and ongoing patience, when he was “over” it and I stubbornly clung to it as my raison d’etre).
So, for today, and always, I say THANK YOU to him for making that dream come true and seeing it through (since the two-year experiment lasted 14 years!)
If the entire Teton Valley community owes anyone its thanks for bringing that particular spot of “beauty, knowledge, grace and truth” here — it’s Peter Anderson. Please join me in remembering that and expressing it to him, too!

One of my favorite arm's-length photos of us, taken in '09 at the Idaho Falls airport, wheen we were headed off on a trip somewhere (which Peter also makes possible!)


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One response to “Giving credit where it is due

  1. Beautifully put, Jeanne. THANK YOU Peter! You have a grand guy.

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