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Jan. 10th

My Weekly Reader — more typical as far as book consumption– finished one, skimmed one, started one, and making my way through two others, piece by piece.

* Devoured The Hearts of Horses by Molly Gloss; she will be one of three panelists for the Idaho Writer-in-Residence and Literature Fellowship Panel for the Idaho Commission on the Arts in April (and I”m hoping to serve as the commissioner who chairs it for the ICA.) So looking forward to meeting Molly and reading everything else she’s written as well.  

The relationship between Martha and Henry (the main character and her beau) remind me of the inherent strength in Larry McMurtry’s depiction of the lifelong friendship between Gus and Call in Lonesome Dove. In fact, I thought this book — even halfway in — was remarkable enough to recommend it to our book club — and I wasn’t disappointed with the rest of it, either. The several paragraphs on page 244-245 — her description of Tom Kandel’s “last lucid evening” — rank right up there as far as a must-read with the section that starts “I receive remarkable letters” (page 83, I think) in Jean-Dominique Bauby’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

* Peter was gone last week (which means I don’t always sleep so well), I was hitting the Valley social scene (i.e., Book Club, GWTV, connecting with many friends in many settings) as well as doing a fairly-intense proofreading job for Powder Mountain Press — so was glad to just go through the pages of Mindful Moments for Stressful Days: Simple Ways to Find Meaning and Joy in Daily Life by Tzivia Gover.  We have a number of these easy-to-digest inspirational books — I always come away with something new.

*I’m only 60 pages in The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Splurged and bought the hard-back — figured after all the recommends by good friends and good bookstore customers that it would be one I’d want to keep…. pretty confident that will be the case. May well be a life-changing kind of read.

* My two carryovers are the Fitzgerald stories and essays about Sara and Gerald Murphy; one a week from each is likely my pace. I am, however, very much looking forward to discussing Murphy’s painting with Barbara Robinson, the artist services director at the ICA, at our meeting in February, so might have to speed it up on that one.

Lastly, would like to mention that Janna Rankin is the one who gave me Away by Amy Bloom (which I finished before New Year’s) and tell her THANKS!  We had a chance to catch up (briefly) at my second office (Pendl’s!) yesterday — and again note how nice it is share the love of reading!!

Next up — trying to set up the “subscribe” function for this blog — Kisa sent me a how-to, bless her heart.

Happy reading!


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