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15 Years in 150 words (and 10 links)

As a writing challenge — and to update all those people I haven’t kept up with since we moved to Teton Valley, Idaho — I decided to write a capsulized version of what all’s happened in that time.  Although I’m sending out some paper copies, I decided it fits here, too — after all, I am still figuring out what include on this blog (all part of “sorting it out….”).  The real surprise is that the length is spot in (not counting ampersands)!

We’re happy & healthy (mostly), deeply involved in our community, state & region, & still love to travel — this year to Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy & Tunisia. Peter’s mom, three brothers & most of their families all live within 75 miles. My sister Judy is retired & living in Cheyenne (where my mom’s in a care home); sister Joan lives on the Columbia River. My husband Peter – ever smart & amazing – served two state humanities councils & works for the City of Philadelphia. Dark Horse Books was a two-year experiment that lasted 14 years; I ran it for more than a decade. Now heading into freelance writing & editing, I’m also in my third term on the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Looking forward to reconnecting with far-flung family & friends from Up With People. Over the years we’ve remodeled our cabin (adding on four times) & can watch the sunrise over the Tetons from bed….. Life is good! 

Some links you might find of interest:

A little national exposure (there’s much more, but this gives you an idea of where we live):
* http://www.yellowstonegeotourism.org/content/dark-horse-books/yel6EDA83FE7AAB6BBED
* http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/10/19/travel/escapes/19havens.html
*  http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0302/feature7/fulltext.html

And a couple favorite photos, just for fun, of our house, and from our most recent trip — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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