Sappy (special) sayings

I’m not writing on my blog much these days, have you noticed? In the last month or so, my postings to FB have become less frequent as well. But when I do post there, I use a quote, photo,or graphic that means something to me at that very moment.

I find them on other people’s pages (and save them), I create them myself, I take a picture of greeting cards I particularly like — whatever.

Some people find them annoyingly cloying — while others, I’ve been told, welcome a little inspiration once in a while and appreciate the thought behind them.

Well, my friends, I don’t think this habit is going to stop anytime soon. It’s part and parcel of who I am; I’ve been saving quotes since I started to read, I think!

It’s also what I like to share — I look at posting on FB (or on this blog, for that matter) as something that I might have said to someone at the bookstore counter, or written in a letter, or laughed over with someone in person otherwise.

So if you like them, great. If you don’t — well, social media is meant to be ignored, as Peter often reminds me.

If you’d like to check out what’s already “in the public view,” my FB album called “Special Sayings” contains upward of 150 different images — from the ridiculous to the sublime.

And here are a few more: I pulled these from an archived collection called “inspiration” on my old laptop – they each strike a chord for me on this, the next-to-the-last day of June, 2014 — and perhaps they will do the same for you.

Until next time!

INspiring_shadows_dancing_couple inspiration_will_smith_tweet_about_everyone_struggling inspiration_whole_box_of_crayons Inspiration_whenever_one_person_stands_up_quote Inspiration_stars_loved_ones_are_happy inspiration_stay_creative inspiration_posters_from_One_Kings_Lane inspiration_positive_thought_shared_8_31-13 inspiration_goodbye_n_Hello Inspiration_hack_away_at_the_unessential inspiration_IAAW_swirly_words Inspiration_from_Kevin_walk_away_or_work_harder_quote inspiration_go_confidently_BnW_road inspiration_go_do inspiration_favorite_thing_go_where_never_been inspiration_everything_you_can_imagine inspiration_everything_will_be_OK inspiration_every_experience_elephant_P_Polacco inspiration_every_day_lake_n_book_Patricia_Polacco Inspiration_enjoy_the_Little_things_Deb_Little inspiration_dr_seuss_youer_than_you_quote

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Jenny’s Pumpkin Muffins

Haven’t written for a while — amazing how working fulltime absorbs the hours and focus of one’s life. This morning, Peter suggested I be sure and do something for myself, as I expect the afternoon to be stressful… so I decided to share a favorite new recipe from my neighbor Jenny.

These muffins are something quick and easy if you want to impress your friends and warm up their tummies!Pumpkin_Muffins It’s become my “go to” item over the last couple months, for when I want to whip up something for an early-morning meeting or feel the need for comfort food that’s not as caloric as macaroni or brownies.


Jenny’s pumpkin muffins

Spice cake mix
1 small can (15 oz. size)  pumpkin
A little vanilla (I use about a teaspoon)
1/2 cup water
1 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Mix the first four ingredients together well; the pumpkin will lose its briliant orange and become a more mellow color when well blended with the cake mix. Fold in the chocolate chips; the batter will be smooth and creamy but on the thick side. You can fill the muffin cups fairly full.

Bake at 350 degrees for 18-22 minutes. I have always had enough batter for 12 regular-size muffins and a small Pyrex bowl.

I’ve seen similar recipes online that don’t add the water; we may need the extra moister for our high altitude, I’m not sure. You could also start with a yellow cake mix and add spices — but golly, that makes it more work :)

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Super Souper Bowl — O/N it 13

One of my favorite annual events is the “Souper Bowl” hosted by the ceramics program of Teton Arts Council.  It happens in early-mid November each year and seems to symbolize the transition from autumn to winter.

It’s a clever and delightful twist on a giant potluck. First, many volunteers create delectable belly-warming concoctions, filling tables full of slow-cookers and crockpots containing soups with descriptions like “vegan curry rice” and “bean-free chili” and “lemon chicken ravioli.”

Then, volunteers fill the entire City Hall entry way with a veritable smorgasbord osouper-bowl picf locally made ceramic bowls of every size and description, from brightly-colored to square to serious-looking. Every person who attends can choose their favorite bowl to use for their choices of soup that night– and then can take it home.

We have a whole collection of bowls from the last four years. Last year, Peter made soup; this year, he’s in Philly this week, so I’m on task Thursday to cook and take admission money at the bowl table.

Prizes are given for the best soup; the local music is always entertaining, kids love it, and 460 Bread donates their wonderful rolls. As a fundraiser it’s both affordable and fun — my favorite kind of community evening.

It’ll be a fun night.  See you there!

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What a legacy — O/N it 12

Eileen_1940s_Laundry_TWOToday would have been my mother’s 96th birthday. I found three special things to share in her honor.

The first is this photo, which I first saw when my cousin Laura Hall shared it at the “Uphoff Girls Only” reunion several years ago in Colorado.  No specifics on it, no idea where or exactly when it was taken: Laura’s slug just says “Eileen 1940s Laundry.” Isn’t she a cutie,though.  I love her big grin. I think this one’s quite a classic!

Secondly, I found a blog posted on quite a few years ago; I’d saved the page (not even sure how!) but I’m really glad I did since it’s no longer available on-line. I couldn’t find the passenger’s name, but I’ve cut and pasted part of what I saved. It describes Mom’s involvement in the Holland America “Gifts of Love” program (we’re absolutely certain that she’s the Eileen mentioned in the copy).

Day 9: Thursday, At Sea
It’s the second to the last day of my cruise, and I’m running out of time to try out some of the onboard activities… I scan the daily program, looking for something suitable. I decide to check out one of the more curious listings in the program. It’s called “Gifts of Love Yarn Distribution.” I assume this has something to do with knitting, a skill I have never acquired, although I did make a mean macrame pot holder in the Girl Scouts. I’ve seen some cheerful ladies knitting in the Explorer’s Lounge, and wonder if this is some type of knitting club.It turns out, the activity is a charitable endeavor. For the past several years, passengers on the Grand World Voyage have volunteered to knit items for needy children around the world. The beneficiary this year is an orphanage in Istanbul, Turkey, and Holland America donates yarn to anyone willing to knit for the orphans. A group of four ladies sitting in high-backed leather chairs spends the day knitting in the Explorer’s Lounge.They call themselves the “Happy Hookers,” and one of them, Eileen, knitted over 62 blankets on last year’s world cruise, along with 100 hats. She has completed 200 hats thus far on this year’s trip. When I chat with her this afternoon, she is knitting away, her hands flying over bright yellow yarn. Her companions, Trudy, Nelly and Florence, are doing the same. They’re all encouraging assistant cruise director, Vuk, as he busily completes a brightly colored blanket. “He’s a ‘happy hooker,’ too,” says Eileen.

The ladies, who rarely get off the ship, believe all the work is worthwhile. “Last year, the ship invited the children onboard. They serenaded us, and then we fed them ice cream in the Lido Restaurant. You should have seen the gratitude on their little faces,” Trudy says, with a smile. I promise that if I have time, I’ll return for some knitting lessons. “You know where to find us,” says Eileen.


Lastly, I just refound this photo of Mom (middle right center — she’s the only one in a black blouse) and the group of “Happy Hookers” from one of the cruises.

I don’t know specifically where this handcrafted bounty went, but I *do* know that she wrote us a postcard one year to say that what her group had created was all going to the children in an orphanage in Dubrovnik — and I loved knowing that when we were in Croatia in May. Just imagine, someone I saw or met there, in 2013, could have been a youngster who, years before, had been warmed by a blanket or hat that my very own mother had made….

This morning (while I was trying to find the link to the CruiseCritic piece), I saw a note online that said Holland America stopped the “Gifts of Love” program in 2010 because the gift-giving became too much paperwork for the company. Sad.

From doing laundry on the porch right on through to hand-making blankets and hats on the cruise-line, what marked my mother’s life was “Service with a Smile.”  Now that’s a legacy to aspire to!

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Subbing — O/N it 11

Being in front of a classroom as a substitute teacher is always a learning experience. The last day I subbed, at Teton High in mid-October, I decided to capture bits of the day, and found inspiration on several levels — from the students, from various signs, and from staff and teachers.

I always leave knowing a little bit more about the way young people see the world — and about myself.

This IMG_2078hallway poster, above a classroom door, encourages punctuality; in fact, where just about everything else runs on “Teton Valley time” — it seems like just about every event begins at least ten minutes late around here — at the high school, the bells ring right wIMG_2077hen they are supposed to, and everyone hustles between classes.   My travel-agent parents would have approved.

I loved that this second one was on a classroom door, rather than in a locker room; the message, to go outside one’s own expectations, certainly applies to a wider audience than athletes.
And this oIMG_2079ne, a reminder to limit personal destructive behaviors, outlines expectations of every student.

Every time I’m at one or another of the schools, I’m struck by something new. This time, it was an over-sized mural painted on the main wall between the office area and the cafeteria.IMG_2074
I asked one of the teachers if it had special significance: no, she said, just the idea of breaking free to find what’s in the world outside…. I liked that, too.

Be sure to notice it next time you’re there; it’s opposite the doors to the gym and just past where the classroom corridors veer off to the north and south.


When you’re a sub, you rely a lot on school personnel.  They are incredibly helpful about procedures and AV problems and the schedule and answering general questions. I don’t sub that often, so I’m always glad to see the smiling faces at the THS office; neither Regina Beard nor Trudy Treasure were that excited about me taking a picture of them, but I caught them in action, anyway. And teacher Rose Hendricks helped in a pinch about how to deal with the classroom computer.

And lastly, I remember just how vulnerable we are in the early parts of our lives….. and that a little growing up goes a long way. On that beautiful fall Friday, I had one class of seniors (Economics) and two classes of sophomores (World Issues).  IMG_2083The lesson plans provided by Troy Miskin weren’t that different but students’ attitudes and the content they prepared certainly were. The seniors were attentive, interested, engaged on a higher level intellectually — the underclassmen — well, not necessarily so much so. Here’s the last class rarin’ to be dismissed at 3:09 pm.
Oh, it doesn’t seem possible that I roamed a high school’s halls as a student more than 40 years ago!  But I’m glad I’ve had the chance to rub shoulders with those in local academia at least every so often.

Perhaps subbing is as much a humbling experience as it a learning one.

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Desert delights — O/N it 10

I had such a great visit with my sisters in Arizona in September! And it was a gorgeous time to travel there.

I have always loved the Southwest, and it had been a long time since I’d enjoyed the particular light and colors of the desert environment.

On an afternoon when we’re having snow and wind (admittedly with a few bursts of bright sunshine) here — well, it’s nice to again see some of these things, then growing in Tubac,  from garden roses to potted plants, plenty of sidewalk cactus and even a palm tree.

I also especially appreciate the play of shadows on building walls.

So lovely!

IMG_1931 IMG_1939 IMG_1947 IMG_1948 IMG_1959 IMG_1847 IMG_1848 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1887 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1893

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Re-touched, O/N it 9

Two weeks ago, I mentioned to Betty VanNewkirk, a dear friend who has recently moved back to Teton Valley, that I always carry a small notebook with me when we travel.  I showed her the one I picked up recently and had shared with her that I was concerned it wasn’t big enough for my scribbles and that it wouldn’t last our next three-week trip.

Voila, the next day, when I returned home from a trip to town, I found a package of two small Moleskin journals sitting on the kitty box on our porch. The paper is even lined, just like I prefer.

Moved to tears, I called Betty to say thanks. I was pretty sure that she was my secret angel. She thought maybe I wouldn’t know it had been her!

moleskin_journalHere they are, along with the (banged-up and full) tiny composition book I used last fall on our South American trip.

I promise not to use my blog to thank every nice gesture, but this one of Betty’s, like the rocks from Susan Lykes that I wrote about yesterday, deserves special notice…. because these gifts represent such consideration and careful listening and caring. But then again, isn’t that ALWAYS what “surprise gifts” are all about?

Big and small, they matter all.

After I hit publish on my last blog post, I had immediately remembered so many OTHER people to recognize and to thank for artwork stuff. And this morning I woke up thinking of so many heartwarming surprises that are NOT jewelry-and-junk related — starting with the journals from Betty.

I am incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful, generous people in my life.

How to thank each of them? I’m not exactly sure. But what a wonderful “problem” to try to solve!

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